Single board Computer (SBC)
Rockchip RK3588 Quad-core Cortex-A76 CPU
Main Features

• Small size (150mm x102mm)
• CPU: Quad Cortex-A76 + Quad Cortex-A55
• NPU: 6 TOPS neural processing unit
• GPU: ARM Mali G610 MP4 ( OpenGLES 3.2 / OpenCL 2.2 / Vulkan 1.2 )
• VPU: 8K video decoder and encoder
• 12V-24V DC input
• 1x HDMI 2.0 RX (4K @ 60fps)
• 2x MIPI-CSI-RX (4-lane) camera interface
• Audio interfaces ( 1x mic/headphone + 2x speaker interfaces )
• 1x microSD / 8x GPIO / 1x I2C / 1x RTC
• 4x RS232 port (can be configured to RS485)
• M.2 (3042/3052) socket for LTE/5G modem
• Support Wake-on-LAN
• Android / Debian OS for application development
• 4GB LPDDR4X (up to 16GB) / 32GB eMMC (up to 128GB)
• Multiple display interfaces
• 1x Capacitive touch interface (I2C)
• 3x USB3.1 Gen 1 (2x Type-A + 1x Type-C)/ 2x USB2.0 Host (pin header)
• M.2 (3042) socket for PCIe SSD
• PoE (Power over Ethernet) module (optional)
• 2x LAN interfaces (LAN2 optional)
• 1x SPI / 1x PWM / 2x CAN 2.0 (optional)
• WiFi 6 (802.11ax) + Bluetooth 5.0 (optional)


The SBC3800 is a small size (102mmx150mm) single board computer designed for applications such as digital signage, HMI, POS, Gaming, Set top box, Kiosk, and other smart devices. The SBC3800 features a quad-core ARM Cortex-A76 processor plus a quad-core Cortex-A55 processor, 2x 10/100 LAN ports, PoE (Power over Ethernet) and a rich set of interfaces for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

Each SBC3800 can be installed in advance with Linux or Android for immediate evaluation.


Typical Applications

   Ø Industrial Automation    Ø Automotive / Transportation    Ø Vending Machine / Fitness Machine    Ø Smart Home / Digital Signage    Ø Internet of Things


EC3800 is a small size embedded computer based on SBC3800. The light-weight aluminum enclosure enables users to rapidly deploy it in a wide range of applications. Contact us for the availability.